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Apple Hill Orchard in Morganton North Carolina

Apple Hill Orchard in Morganton North Carolina

Pick From The Tree and Find the Best Apple Cider Around

Recently we took a day trip to the quaint little town of Morganton, North Carolina. Morganton has a lot to offer. There are many historic sites to visit, little shops to explore, a beautiful river walk and much more. But we were here for one reason! The award-winning apple cider found exclusively at Apple Hill Orchards was calling our names.

I’m from Maine and so I expect a lot from my cider. It needs to be tart, tangy, delicious, and it has to pack a punch. I have grown tired of the water-downed versions so I was happy to travel to Morganton to see if they had what I was craving. And they did!

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The drive was beautiful and after a quick stop at the Visitor’s Center, we arrived at Apple Hill Orchard. We went to the store to get our baskets and find out which apples were ripe for picking. We found this chart on the wall, letting us know when each variety would be ready for picking.

After we grabbed a few baskets we headed over to the apple trees to find the best ones. The kids had a great time!

Our Princess had a great time!

Once we had gathered enough to make a few apple pies and an apple crisp or two, we headed back to the store. We found all kinds of goodies!

They had bags of apples freshly picked in many varieties.

And a bakery offering cider donuts, fried apple pies, apple tarts and more.

We also purchased Apple Cider Mulling Spice and Apple Scented Soap and of course the best apple cider I have had since leaving New England! After our time at the Orchard, we headed over to the Catawba River Greenway and enjoyed the evening walking the trails!

Morganton Bridge

Visiting the apple orchard makes for a great Fall day with your family and the rewards are delicious and last long after the adventure! We encourage you to visit your local orchard with your family. It’s time well spent.

Visit Apple Hill Orchard here.

Apple Hill Orchard

2075 Pleasant Hill Avenue
Morganton, NC 28655

(828) 437-1224

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