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How To Prepare Your Family To Go Back To School

Let’s talk about how to prepare your family to go back to school. The transition from summer break to back to school can be a difficult one. However, you can do a few things to make it a smoother and more enjoyable transition for your family. Let’s dig into these five tips and tricks.

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How to prepare your family to go back to school. Five simple tips to make for a smoother transition from summer to school.

Five Simple Tips to Transition from Summer to School Smoothly.

  1. Say a proper farewell to summer break. We believe in creating an experience that marks the end of the summer season and the start of the school season in a celebratory way. For several suggestions on how to manage that check out this post: Ten End of Summer Traditions You Can Start Now!
  2. Focus on your bedtime and morning routines. One of the hardest things about going back to school for kids is getting back into early morning routines. We suggest you create a solid bedtime routine and morning routine and go over them carefully with your kids so they know what is expected of them. Begin applying the routine a few weeks before school actually starts. *TIP* Write these schedules down and include necessary steps. For example: Bedtime is at at 8pm. At 7:20pm we get into pajamas, brush our teeth and wash up,. Then, we set out our clothes for tomorrow. Finally, we get into bed and read a story. Create them a checklist if they are struggling with steps. Set daily bedtime and wake up alarms and stick with them.
  3. Go school shopping. Allowing children to play an active roll in choosing school supplies and school clothes will help to encourage a sense of excitement. Ask for their opinions and allow them to make some independent choices where possible.
  4. Set up homework stations. Prepare for the school season by creating desginated areas for schoolwork. Make sure they are distraction free spaces. Organize school supplies with shelving or drawers. Add a backpack station so schoolwork does not get misplaced.
  5. Prepare outfits ahead. Set aside a half hour of your weekend schedule to put together outifts for the week ahead. If possible put them in an area seperate from other clothing so that they remain in tact throughout the week.
How to ease back to school anxiety.

How To Ease Back To School Anxiety

If your children are experiencing anxiety about their return to school there are some things you can do to try to ease their fears.

  • Again, having put the morning and bedtime routines in place a few weeks before school can make a big difference. Also removing morning stressers by having clothing ready and bags packed can make for a more peaceful start to the days and ease tension.
  • Tour the school with your students beforehand so that they feel more familiar with it.
  • See if you can schedule a play date with another child who is likely to be in the same class. A familiar face can make a world of difference. An ideal situation is where you can find a peer group that meets regularly over summer vacation.
  • Acknowledge that it’s ok to experience some discomfort when you are out of your comfort zone. Let them ask questions and respond to each concern. Be positive.
  • Remind them that they are not alone. All the other students are also having their first day of school this year too.

Rewarding Your Student

One last tip, consider a reward station for your student. Offer stars for things such as:

  • Followed bedtime routine.
  • Followed morning routine.
  • Put school supplies away.
  • Completed homework.

Setting up a reward system is a great way to guide your child towards creating healthy habits. Once they have created the habit you can change topics to something more like a typical chore chart. Offer small and simple rewards.

Wishing you the best school year yet,


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