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Blowing Rock and Linville Falls Adventure

The Blowing Rock and Linville Falls Adventure

Hiking To Linville Falls and Also Enjoying The Views From The Blowing Rock

The Blue Ridge Parkway leads to some amazing destinations. These tree-lined roads with their charming twists and turns climb ever and ever higher until you feel like you are on top of the world. So last week, T and I decided we would love to be sitting at the top of the world and we made a plan to do just that. After a few hours of flipping through our North Carolina Vacation Guide, we decided to check out The Blowing Rock.  We hadn’t had the pleasure of that particular view before and the stories about the rock itself intrigued us. Also, we knew it was really close to Linville Falls which we have been aching to see since we first spotted the sign on our way to The Orchard at Alta Pass a few Falls back.

View at Blowing Rock in North Carolina

Interesting Facts About The Blowing Rock In North Carolina 

Credit for facts listed goes to Only In Your State. To learn more click here.
  • Ripley’s Believe It Or Not deemed The Blowing Rock, “The only place in the world where snow falls upside down.”
  • If you were to stand on the rock and throw a light object (say a handkerchief), the object would not fall below but simply float or return to you.
  • In 1933 this location was named “North Carolina’s First Travel Attraction.”
  • Legend says that right here on The Blowing Rock, a Chickasaw Chieftain’s daughter fell in love with a Cherokee Warrior. One day the sky grew red and fearing this a sign that trouble was coming, her brave had to leave her to return to his tribe. He jumped from the rock into the woods below. Over and over the maiden asked The Great Spirit to reunite them. Finally, one day, the sky grew red again and her warrior returned from the bottom of the gorge. Ever after, the wind has blown in its strange way at The Blowing Rock.
  • The Blowing Rock sits at 4,000 ft. above sea level.
T on The Blowing Rock

Is it worth the seven dollar admission cost to sit on The Blowing Rock?

I think it is. However, you should be prepared that there isn’t going to be any hiking or exploring. There is a very short paved trail with some lovely lookouts though. The site of The Blowing Rock also offers a little museum. It consists of old pictures and short tidbits about the history of the rock and the town of Blowing Rock itself. There is also a place to grab an ice cream (which we did) and an adorable little gift shop which tempted me with Indian pottery and carved walking sticks. The Blowing Rock is suitable for people of all ages. It’s just a short and simple walk from the gift shop to The Blowing Rock itself. Plus, there were turtles. So, yes please have my seven dollars, I feel I got my money’s worth 🙂

Turtles at The Blowing Rock

There are also some really vibrant flowers and a little man-made waterfall to enjoy. Benches and tables are available for you to relax and enjoy your visit. As for us, we preferred sitting on The Blowing Rock itself! What a view!

The Blowing Rock

Our Linville Falls Hike

T and I were so excited to finally have the time to stop at Linville Falls. We parked at the Visitor’s Center and crossed the bridge to the trails. Even that view was lovely.

Linville River in North Carolina

Along the way, we stopped to speak with other hikers. Some of them said the trails were really difficult and others said it was pretty easy going. This makes sense, there are several trails. The two main trails are Erwins View Trail and Linville Gorge.

waterfalls at Linville Falls

The first we saw of waterfalls were these! T and I wished we had packed a picnic lunch. This would make the perfect backdrop for that!

Linville Falls from the Erwin View Outlook

After another fifteen minutes of hiking, we found ourselves admiring this view of Linville Falls. That’s a ninety-foot drop from the falls to the water. Can you believe this view? This is Erwin’s View Lookout. Follow the signs.

Interesting Facts About Linville Falls (and Linville Gorge)

  • The falls were used by local Native Americans to execute prisoners.
  • The falls were donated to the National Park Service in 1952 by John D. Rockefeller, Jr.
  • Swimming is prohibited in all areas of Linville Falls, as many deaths have occurred.
  • Cherokee Indians named it Ees-ee-ogh meaning “River of Cliffs.”
  • Linville Falls is named for William Linville and his son John. They were killed after being attacked by Indians at the lower falls.

We stayed and enjoyed the Falls until the sun had almost completely set. As we crossed the bridge on our way back to the parking lot we decided we wanted to come back with that picnic lunch. And my tripod which I had forgotten but really is essential for good waterfall pictures. We will return soon. After all, this area of the world is so beautiful and we feel so blessed to have it so close to home.

Once again, I know I say it all the time but seriously, what a wonderful world!

All The Details on The Blowing Rock and Linville Falls

The Blowing Rock

Highway 321 South – Blowing Rock, North Carolina 28605


Linville Falls

Rte. 1, Milepost 316.4, Spruce Pine, NC

(828) 348-3400

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  1. Great post Gwen, really enjoyed the photos! 🙂 In terms of the hike, what equipment (apart from the obvious) would you recommend?

    Also, where are you off to next?

    1. Hello Eddy! Thanks for stopping by Geez, Gwen! We always carry the basics: water, a few snacks, a first aid kit, snake bite kit, ace bandages, flashlight, matches, whistle, pepper spray, and compass as well as some rain gear. When we do longer trips we carry a lot more. We have several more trips on the calendar but next up is Hot Springs! We have been before but this time we want to do a little more exploring. The area has a lot of history! Thanks again for stopping by and we hope to have you back again soon!

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