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Holiday and Seasonal Post from Geez, Gwen!

At Geez, Gwen we get really into the holidays. Here we share holiday and seasonal posts all year long! Holiday games, gift guides, holiday recipes, and so much more can be found at Geez, Gwen! We tell about how we personally celebrate Christmas. Find out which holiday events and activities mean the most to us. We share about how we give back at the holidays. Giving back can be done with gifts and with time. We share how and where we volunteer over the holidays and how you can too. Our family loves to celebrate everything from the big holidays like Christmas and Easter to the little ones like National Pancake Day.

We believe in having fun, in living with gratitude, and that we are here to love one another. So we also celebrate Nurse’s Appreciation Day, and Random Acts of Kindness in a very big way every year. Our family also sends letters to the troops every Christmas and we share how you can do all these things too and make the most out of every day.

Valentines Day Craft Idea Book Page Heart Garland

DIY Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas – Beautiful Heart-Shaped Upcycled Book Decorations

This beautiful DIY Valentine’s Day Craft encourages upcycling of used or damaged books and the creation of beautiful heart-shaped book page decorations that make beautiful stand alone gifts or are gorgeous strung together in a garland, Find out how to make yours! … Continue readingDIY Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas – Beautiful Heart-Shaped Upcycled Book Decorations

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