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Living The Homeschool Life

Here at Geez, Gwen one of the most common topics we cover is how we live the homeschooling life. We share what homeschooling is. What it looks like. How it works and how it doesn’t. Our family believes that education is essential and that providing the best education possible is the ultimate gift we can give to our son. We don’t fit into any typical homeschool category. To put it simply, we are doing this our way. We teach that loving learning is the key to success. In our homeschool, we allow curiosity and passion to lead us to the perfect lesson plan. We work hard, we play hard, and we love hard! This is our life. Our family is that family. We are the rebels, we are the ones on the path less traveled and we love every step of it. Join us on our journey.

Ten Ways Homeschoolers Make Friends

How Homeschoolers Make Friends

One of the questions that concern brand new homeschooling families is how their kids are going to form quality friendships outside the bounds of public education. Those of us veteran homeschoolers know not to worry. Homeschooling only partially happens at home as our kids are involved in groups, sports, and activities that rival even the most involved public school Moms’ calendars. The homeschooling community is vast and welcoming and busy with the business of educating the hearts and minds of their students. You need not look far to find a group that fits your family.

Ideas and Activities to begin teaching our kids gratitude right now.

Teaching Your Child To Be Grateful

Gratitude is linked to happiness. But how do we go about teaching our kids to be grateful. This collection of ideas to teach our children gratitude includes applicable ways we begin instilling a sense of thankfulness in our child right now that will follow them through their lives.

How To Start A Nature Journal With Your Kids

How To Start A Nature Journal With Your Kids

Nature Journaling together is a great way to learn all about the importance of spending time outdoors while observing the life that exists all around us. As we experience the natural world, we are reminded of the need to protect it and inspired to think of the ways we can help. This kind of journaling is also a wonderful way to work on your child’s art skills, observation skills, and writing. Furthermore, time in nature is good for mental health. There are just so many reasons to start nature journaling with your family.