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How To Celebrate the Last Day of School

How To Celebrate the Last Day of School With Your Tween

Last Day of School Gifts and Ideas to Celebrate

The last day of school is right around the corner! I don’t know about you, but I am SO ready for it. Don’t get me wrong, I love homeschooling my son and we have a blast. That said, I am worn out. I need a break from lesson plans! I need some daylight hours to be just for me and I crave a summer of just being Mom. Bring it on!

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*Originally posted 5/24/2016 *

We usually have a pizza party to celebrate but this year is special. This year T completes sixth grade. He will officially be a Middle Schooler! Gasp! Where did all that time go? Anyway, I wanted to do something extra this year so I have been searching online for inspiration. Here are my favorite finds for awesome ways to celebrate the last day of school.

This article from Parent Cue inspired me to make him a gift of things to make his summer fun and help him get really excited about all those warm, sunny days ahead. I am going to include things like popcorn (for all-day movie-a-thons), sunscreen and a beach ball (for those days spent poolside), marshmallows (for nights by the fire pit), a stack of used comics (for those rainy days spent relaxing), a can of bug spray (for camping and hiking trips), a  bag of water balloons (no explanation required), chocolate syrup and sprinkles (for fudge sundaes all week), a lollipop ring (class of 2016), and a thing of confetti poppers (we are celebrating here)! I am also going to include his 6th-grade graduation certificate. You can get an Elementary School Diploma to customize through Word.

This last day of school celebration basket will be presented at a surprise lunch at IHOP! T has been aching to try their red velvet crepes and cupcake pancakes. His Dad and his favorite cousin will be meeting us there. After lunch, we are taking him on a Mystery Trip. One of his favorite places is Books-A-Million so we will head over there and present him with a gift card and then onto a disc golf adventure at a new course he hasn’t tried before. It’s going to be so much fun!

When we return home we will be lighting the fire pit and roasting s’ mores. S’mores are T’s favorite food so it seems the perfect ending to a very special day.  The next day, we are sleeping in! I want to get this summer started off right 🙂

Check Out Our Summer Activity Packet for over Forty Fun, Family-Friendly Summer Activities

Summer Activity Packet

Here is a list of some great ways to celebrate the last day of school!

Make them a summer gift basket – T loved his!

Include popcorn for movie nights, the fixings for Ice Cream Sundaes, marshmallows – chocolate bars – and graham crackers for s’ mores, water balloons, SPF, a beach ball and towel, and reading material plus coloring books!

Have a water balloon fight.

Even better, a water balloon and water gunfight!

Have a pizza party.

You can order pizza or you can plan a pizza-making party! Just purchase the individual-size pie crusts plus all kinds of fun toppings and let everyone make their very own pizza!

Pick them up in a car full of balloons and write on the windows – SUMMER STARTS NOW!

I did this and we had so much fun with it. Not only did cars all over town honk in celebration at us, but we shared our balloons with every kid we saw until we just had a few left!

Have an ice cream party.

This is so much fun! Make an ice cream bar and include all kinds of fun toppings like fresh fruit, sprinkles, gummy bears, whipped toppings, liquid chocolate, and caramel, and then offer cones, bowls, and even the cone bowls!

Plan a camping trip.

Plan an actual camping trip. Set a date, make a list of items you need to bring including the fishing gear and the frisbee. Decide what you want to grill. Really think it through together and make lists. Soon, you will have a family adventure to look forward to!

Take them to the bookstore to get some summer reading material.

T always gets comic books and I am cool with that! It’s summertime and we intend to do some relaxing. So T gets his comic books and his historical fiction and I load up on mysteries and Harry Potter!

Have a Bar-B-Que and invite friends and family.

Have a big BBQ and invite all of your favorite people. It’s nice to invite anyone who was especially helpful with getting through the school year. Invite favorite teachers, babysitters, coaches, whoever helped!

Have an Epic Bonfire Party!

T loves bonfire nights. We cook hot dogs over the open flames and follow up with s’ mores. We bring sparklers and play music and tell stories and laugh a lot. This is one of our favorite ways to welcome the summer!

Make a Summer Bucket List

Summer goes by fast! Make a list of your favorite things to do over summer vacation and post it on your fridge. Check items off as you complete them and make the most of your vacation!

Here is our Summer Bucket List – you can print it free by clicking here!

Let Them Hand Out Summer-Themed Gifts To Their Friends

We have some fun ideas you can check out right here!

How are you celebrating the last day of school with your tween or teen? We love to hear from you so don’t be shy! The comments section is below.

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