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Cookie Recipes From Around The World

Cookie Recipes From Around The World

The Best Cookie Recipes You’ve Never Tasted

Today, I made cookies again. Around here we make a lot of cookies and we share a lot of cookies. I love the way baking warms your home and there is something extra comforting about coming home to a house that smells of cookies baking. Every year at Christmas we share cookies with friends and family and the local fire department.

Today on the way to indoor soccer, T and I started talking about what kind of cookies we wanted to make this year. Finally, we decided to do something a little different, and share our love of international cooking with our love of cookies. So I present to you the fruits of our search for Cookie Recipes From Around The World!

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We Are Celebrating Cookies from Around The World

Let's get baking cookes

Grandma Dorie’s Italian Ricotta Cookies Recipe

It was hard to narrow it down to a single pick for my Italian cookie recipe selection because I adore Italian cookies. But in the end, I am sharing this one because it’s a traditional choice and they are so very tasty! I go heavy on the vanilla and heavy on the lemon zest.

Hungarian Kiffles

These beautiful cookies with cream cheese dough are almost too pretty to eat.

Nicaraguan Rosquillas Recipe

Australia’s Anzac Biscuits Recipe

A traditional Australian biscuit complete with rolled oats, coconut, and golden syrup.

Russian Tea Cakes Cookie Recipe

AKA Snowballs

Germany’s Iced Gingerbread Cookies

I love gingerbread! The smell alone is worth baking these cookies but with this recipe, you’ll want to eat one and then another and then another…

Egyptian Kahk Cookies Recipe

English Butter and Jam Thumbprint Cookies Recipe

I made these for a Downton Abbey Tea Party we attended and they were amazing! Everyone adored them and they were the first treat gone!

Japanese Matcha Cookies

I love Matcha Lattes and these cookies will be coming out of my oven soon!

New Zealand Afghan Biscuit Reccipe

These look amazing! Cornflakes and cocoa? Why not?

These all look amazing to me and I can’t wait to get baking. T and I are going to make some of the Japanese Matcha Cookies tomorrow. This combination of great cookie recipes from around the world is the perfect fit for our homeschooling life. We have been experimenting with international dishes for almost seven years now. But in all of those years, we have rarely chosen baking recipes. It’s an exciting new adventure for our inner culinary artists.

Do you have a favorite cookie? Please share it with us in the comments section below. We love to hear from you! Here is my all-time favorite cookie – The Peppermint Mocha Cookie from Sally’s Baking Addiction. You really should try that too!

Thank you for visiting us today at Geez, Gwen and being part of this 30 Days of Gratitude Journey. We hope that you are inspired to find more and more reasons to be thankful. We know we are. Right now I am thankful for the chance to get bake with my son tomorrow, and for all of these amazing recipes, and all of the people I will get to share them with.

Be blessed,


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10 Cookie Recipes from around the world
Cookie Recipes From Around the world

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