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13 Fun Date Night At Home Ideas For Couples In Love

Before the pandemic, date night at home ideas weren’t something we considered. Dating used to be an adventure full of travel and exploration, and often crowds. Truth be told, as our last New Year’s resolution, Mr. Wonderful and I had made a deal that we would take turns planning dates every month for the whole year.

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It ended up being the best year! We explored Asheville, we went to shows in Gatlinburg, we took classes, frequented the shooting range, and even the local rollerskating rink. And we ate a lot. We tried restaurants featuring different international flavors. We had a blast! But this year, the pandemic really put a damper on our dating adventures.

Rather than cry about it, (which I totally could), I am putting together this collection of genuinely fun home date ideas for couples like us who really miss date nights! Enjoy!

At-Home Date Night Ideas

Top picks for fun stay at home date ideas.
Our top picks for fun stay at home date ideas.
Romantic At Home Date Ideas - Go on a picnic in your backyard or living room.

Have a Picnic

Depending on the weather, this could be in your backyard or it could be in your living room. Either way, make sure you have prepared a delicious picnic, complete with wine and cheese. If you need some inspiration check out these Romantic Picnic Ideas from Zestful Kitchen.

At home Date Ideas - Have a Video Game Date Night.

Have a Video Game Night

So I admit before the Stay At Home orders were issued last March, I hadn’t played a video game since my Mario Brothers days back in the early nineties. Mr. Wonderful loves video games and he always tried to get me to play. I never could drive the guys across the board. The fact I said things like, ‘drive the guys’ and referred to the map as a ‘board’ are proof positive of how far away from becoming a gamer I was.

All that has changed. Now, we play together a lot. It’s one of our favorite date night ideas. We really like to play Rust, especially the servers that have zombies. But we eased me into gaming with some puzzle games like House Of Da Vinci. If I can play, anyone can play!

At home date night ideas - visit a museum virtually.

Visit A Museum – Virtually

In our homeschool, we have done a ton of these virtual museum tours and some are far better than others. Our favorite to play with is The British Museum. The interface itself is rather addictive. But we also recommend The Guggenheim Museum, Art Institute Chicago, and the Benaki Museum virtual tours. Here is a great list of The Top Ten Virtual Museum Tours. To make this a full date night, grab some wine and follow up with a movie night. Check out this collection from BFI of movies that are set in museums.

Date Night at Home - Card night! Whether you play poker or Uno, this card night date night idea is always fun.

Card Night Date Night At Home

Play Cards – It can be poker, Rook, cribbage, or Uno. Set up a good charcuterie board (meats, cheeses, nuts, olives, pickles, dried fruit, grapes, etc), or go simple with chips and dip or chips and salsa, and also fix some strong drinks. Here are some 9 Easy Three Ingredient Mixed Drinks To Make At Home from

Date Night At Home - Board games can make for a really fun date night. Whether you play Chess or Clue, add the right food and drinks and this is a great date idea.

Game Night Date Night At Home

Have a Board Game Night – I still recommend the charcuterie board and mixed drinks for this date night but you can change it up by pulling out Sherlock Holmes – The Thames Murder or maybe Parks (Awesome 2 player games)! Or you could haul out the chessboard or some Trivial Pursuit. Check out this post from Games Radar for more ideas – Best Board Games for Two Players.

At home date ideas - putt putt is a classic date night destination. Get your own kit and play in the comfort of your living room or your back yard.

Play Indoor Golf

Putt-putt golf is a classic date night idea and it really does make for a fun date night at home. You can get a really cool set for less than a hundred dollars. Check out this 4 Fun Cosmic Mini Golf – 5 Hole Set. Or for about $30 you can get the Franklin Sports Spin N Putt Golf Game.

At home date night idea - Pizza and bowling. Set up a pizza bar, grab some drinks and meet in the hallway for some indoor bowling.

Pizza and Bowling

Put together a pizza bar, include dough kits, or Naan, or flatbread, as well as a lot of topping and cheese options! Once the pizza is finished, grab some drinks and head to the hallway or the backyard for some bowling. This little indoor/outdoor bowling set should do the trick.

Sip and Paint Nights are fun date night ideas. Whether you grab a paint by number or a canvas, this is a fun date night idea for every couple.

Have A Wine and Paint Night

Paint and Sips are common date night destinations. There is no reason you can’t pull this off in your own home. Check out this oil painting or this acrylic paint by number set which would be perfect for your date night. If you prefer to find an online tutorial and go that route, then do it. Whatever suits you. Now, all you need is wine, an appetizer, and a sweet soundtrack.

At home date ideas - learn something together. Take any class you want. Cooking classes, dance classes, magic trick classes... You do you!

Learn Something New

Take A Class Together: You can learn anything together these days. I personally love to cook so I have been eyeing the Gordon Ramsey Masterclass. I think this would make for many fun and delicious date nights. It’s about $100 for just his Masterclass or you can get unlimited access for just under $200. Our local in-person cooking classes are usually about $50 a person (but they include the ingredients). So, if we use the classes multiple times it would be worth it.

If you are looking for some free online cooking classes Mashable has a list! Don’t want to cook, why not learn to dance or paint or do a magic trick? The choices are endless really.

Stay at home date ideas - Plan a trip together.

Plan A Trip Together

Call up the library and request a curbside book bundle of travel destinations. Spend some time researching the places you both want to visit. Then plan it out. Figure costs, where to stay, where to play, where to eat, what to see, and experience. Even if you can’t book it you are a lot closer to getting there.

Follow up with a future date night by watching a movie located in that place or eating food that has to do with the destination. Get creative.

At home date idea - see a show. Whether it's your favorite comedian, a Broadway Musical, or a concert, you can stream just about anything these days.

See A Show

We are partial to a good comedy show! Fix some wings or pretzels and cheese, grab some good drinks, and settle in to watch your favorite comedian. If you prefer you can watch concerts, musicals, plays and more online. Check out The Shows Must Go Online: 12 Ways to Stream the Stage from Observer for some great options.

Romantic Stay At Home Date Ideas - Give each other a massage.

Give Each Other A Massage

For a romantic date night at home give each other a massage. Add in candles and oils and you have everything you need for a perfect romantic date night. If you have no idea how to give a massage, no worries, there are a ton of instructional videos that can teach you how to give a great massage. Check out this one- Back Massage – Best Techniques from a Massage Therapist from Carrington College.

Romantic At Home Date Idea - Bubble Bath for Two

Bubble Bath for Two!

Candles, music, bubble bath, steam…

At home date ideas - dinner and dancing.

Dinner and Dancing

For a DIY romantic date night at home, get dressed up, and run out to grab some curbside pickup from your favorite restaurant. Take it home and plate it beautifully. Pour the wine, light the candles, eat well. Follow up with some dancing in the dining room. Here’s a video to teach you how to tango. See where the mood takes you.

These are some of the best at-home date night ideas I could think of. But every couple is different so get creative with the things you most enjoy doing. And share your ideas with us! If you know the perfect date night at home idea, please tell us in the comments section below. We want to hear it. Thanks for visiting with us!


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