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Fun Ways To Bring Creativity Into Your Family Life

Creative Project Ideas That Bring Families Closer Together

Creativity is a gift and an adventure. Every family member is loaded with talents and skills and imagination. Though some may not know it, yet. Because there is so much joy in discovering the talents hidden within, learning together, and sharing the fruits of these gifts with family members we are focusing on creative ideas for projects you can enjoy with your family.

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Family Art and Crafts Ideas

Make A Family Tree:

The creation of a family tree is a great way to bring families together and introduce everyone to those who have come before them. Whether you make a standard family tree out of pen and paper, or a more elaborate tree using photographs and memorabilia, learning about heritage together while getting crafty makes for time well spent.

Make Family Silhouette Art

I have a silhouette T made me at school when he was in first grade and I still adore it. I love the idea of making one for each family member and framing them. Real Simple shows us how in the post below.

Make Monogram Crafts:

There are so many craft options available that include the use of Monograms. I personally love the idea below from Project Nursery. If you use a single last initial you could have every family member responsible for a square or two in the backdrop. Allowing them to choose their own fabric or paint a flat square canvas, you could end up with a personal touch that would last forever. Christy uses this in a nursery but I think an entryway or a family room would be a great place for this too.

Make A Quilt Together:

Another great way to combine individual art squares with the essential life skill of sewing is to have everyone sew their own quilt square. The littlest kids may not be able to sew but they can still choose fabrics and layout the design and maybe even help pin with the use of a thimble. For more tips on how you can get your kids involved in this type of project visit Stephanie at

Family Culinary Art – Creative Cooking and Baking at Home Ideas

Set Up A Family Pizza Bar:

Set up a pizza bar and let the whole family show off their culinary arts skills. You can make your own dough for this but we find it easier to purchase some Naan. But you do you. Have everyone pitch in to do the slicing, and dicing, and grating. Little ones can be in charge of getting the toppings into separate bowls. Let everyone make their own pizza and once baked, have them present their piece to receive appropriate praises. You can go with the basic pepperoni, ham, pineapple, olives, onions, and such. But if you feel creative check out these fun toppings ideas from Bon Appetit.

Plan A Family Cook-Off:

There are a lot of ways you can pull off this creative kitchen idea. I’m a fan of the Chopped style mystery box. You supply a basket full of similar items to two teams and see who can cook up the tastiest meal. If you have younger kids you can supply a recipe and see who is able to cook the more delicious dish. Prizes are fun to include. They can be as simple as being the first person to get a slice of the dessert cake or a mini box of chocolate. Or you can just write who won on a piece of paper and put it on the fridge for bragging rights until the next battle.

I love this post from MyBlessedHome where they went all in to play.

The Family Style Birthday Meal:

This is a fun way to get everyone involved in creating something special for a family member’s special day. You can gather to plan a meal of the birthday girl or guys’ favorite dishes plus a special dessert. Preparing and presenting the meal together makes for a memorable birthday for everyone included. The birthday girl or guy is excluded from clean up. That’s the rule.

Get Creative with S’Mores

Our family loves s’mores and we have put a lot of time into coming up with some really great s’mores recipes. Challenge your family members to create a unique s’more and then gather around the firepit to taste and vote on the best recipe!

Family Art Projects -Coloring, Playdough, and Painting Projects for Families

Make Your Own Natural Ink

I’ve shared this idea from Martha Stewart before because I think it’s such a great mix of art and science.

Spread Inspiration With Side Walk Chalk

This fun idea makes for a great family day. Have everyone gather to discuss what messages or images they want to share with the world. Maybe do some sketching. Then head out to the park or the playground and put your sidewalk chalk to work spreading cheer.

Make Homemade Playdough And Tell A Story

This is a fun way to get everyone together creating. Start by creating homemade play dough together. I like this recipe from Then put it to use by making up a story and having everyone create a character or an item for the story. Take turns adding to the story.

The Arts Include Writing – Exercises To Bring Families Together

Create a Famly Journal

Keep A Family Journal

I am a huge fan of the family journal. So much so that I offer free family journal writing prompts for download. A great family journal also includes memories of family trips, special moments and celebrations, favorite recipes, favorite jokes, narratives, and short stories, and eventually builds a picture and a history of a family.

Write Letters To Your Family Members

This is a sweet and simple way to spend about thirty minutes together. In the end, you find yourself holding a true treasure. Simply, put everyone’s name in a bowl and have each person draw a name. Then spend about fifteen to twenty minutes writing a letter to that person. Younger kids that can’t write can draw a picture for that person.

Family Letter Writing Exercise

All About Us Writing Project

It’s always interesting to see how different perspectives can shape the same family. Have each member write a piece about your family. Have them include a bit about each family member’s personality, life, likes, and dislikes. And then have each person write up a bit about the family as a whole. Take time to share your finished work with one another.

Write Acrostic Poems

Just like in the last writing exercise, put everyone’s name in a bowl and draw. Then write an acrostic poem for the person whose name you drew. An acrostic poem is simply where the first letter of each line spells out a word. In this case a name. For example, my name is Gwen. So…

Geez, Gwen sure likes to get everyone to write.

Writing and painting are a great part of life.

Even if you think you can’t do it.

No one can convince her that you’re not a poet.

So there we have them! With fifteen fun family art ideas, you can bring some creativity into your family time right away. I hope you found something that inspired you. If you have found a family art project you are ready to try or you want to inspire us with a great idea we didn’t include here today, then please share in the comments section below. We love to hear from you.

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