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Hike Laurel Fork Falls in Hampton Tennessee

Hike Laurel Falls in Hampton Tennessee

Beautiful Falls and Great Hike in North East Tennessee

Imagine this… The weather is in the high fifties as you find yourself meandering down a wooded trail lined on one side by the crystal clear waters of Laurel Fork Creek and on the other, towering, almost magical forest. Laurels bend toward the dusty path your walking sporting bright pink buds just about to burst open with the promise of spring. Meanwhile, the birds are singing, the breeze is light, and the sky canopies bright blue above you. The smells of fresh earth and clean air, and rushing water, plus sunshine combine to create this particular blissful fragrance you have come to think of as the scent of Appalachia.

A few hours pass as your body drinks in raw nature and restores you. You make your way over not one, but two beautiful wooden bridges. Feeling more alive then you generally do, you climb over a rock outcrop and ease your way around it to discover – Laurel Fork Falls!

“Wow,” you whisper into the daylight but your voice is carried away by the roaring call of the falls crashing before you. Forty feet tall she rises towards the mountains, and fifty feet wide she spreads her fluid crystal wings. Absolutely majestic. You recognize a true treasure when you see it in this wild beauty. As you draw closer the mist surrounds and cools you. Two hours of hiking seems such a small sacrifice to stand here, and see this, and feel so very blessed.

“What a wonderful world,” you recognize. Truly.

Exploring Laurel Fork Falls in Hampton, TN

So this actually happened to us yesterday. T and I went back to Laurel Fork Falls. We hiked almost six miles round trip and loved every single second of it. This was how we spent our President’s Day. No school and spring-like weather combined always find us standing at the top of a mountain, at the base of a waterfall, or deep in a cavern. We can’t help ourselves. We are a set of natural-born explorers and we love finding the places that remain the most untouched.

Laurel Fork Falls is practically in our back yard. We can be to the trailhead in about forty minutes. There are two ways in. We prefer the longer hike but we have done it both ways. Either way, the destination is a gem. You should go. Get directions right here:

Laurel Fork Falls Hike

There are two prefered routes for reaching the falls: either by way of the nearly 5.5 mile Hampton Blueline/Laurel Falls Trail (#501) combined with a hike along the Appalachian National Scenic Trail (#1), or the more moderate route along the Appalachian Trail from Dennis Cove (approximately 2.6 miles roundtrip).

 The Details for Laurel Fork Falls

  • 5.5 mile Hampton Blueline/Laurel Falls Trail or 2.6 miles along the Appalachian Trail from Dennis Cove
  • Moderate Hike
  • Includes sections of the Appalachian Trail
  • Dogs are welcome.

Walk Beside Us – Photo Tour of Laurel Fork Falls

Trail head to Laurel Fork Falls
Hiking Trail to Laurel Falls in Tennessee
Bridge on the trail to Laurel Fork Falls
Laurels budding on the way to Laurel Falls
Laurel Fork Falls
Bridge on the trail to Laurel Fork Falls
Doe River
Laurel Fork Falls in Tennessee
Laurel Fork Falls off the Appalachian Trail
Doe River

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Are you in the mood for a hike yet? You can bet I am already looking forward to getting back to Laurel Fork Falls. If you know of a great hike you want to recommend, please let me know in the comments below. Also, if you have been to Laurel Fork Falls tell us what you thought in the comments section below. I love hearing from you!

Be blessed,


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Laurel Fork Falls in Hampton TN
Laurel Fork Falls in East Tennessee
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  1. Beautiful pictures! I’ve never been to Tennessee, in fact I rarely leave the northeast but, I hope I can see the falls in person some day! Thanks for sharing.

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