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How To Wrap Up Your Homeschool Year

It’s almost the end of the school year! For some of us we have just weeks left and for others a little over a month, but for all of us, the end is in sight. It would be easy to spend every last second of this grand finale out on field trips or taking picnic lunches at the lake that last until dinner. I’ve done it. But it’s worth it to pause and plan the end of this homeschool year so it can be done really well! Let’s talk about how to wrap up your homeschool year in an organized and beneficial way that includes recognition and appreciation of the accomplishments achieved.

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Steps To Wrap Up Your Homeschool Year

For Your Records

  • Collect any letters of recommendation from coaches, volunteer leaders, group leaders, spiritual leaders, and others involved with your child’s extra-curricular activities.
  • Update transcripts with sports, volunteer work, and any large projects that your child had the leadership of or was a major contributor to.
  • Select which school work you want to preserve and create a file labeled with the student’s grade. (If you are under a school district be sure of which work you must hold on to in case of an audit.)

Involve Family and Students and Plan A Last Day Of School Ceremony

Talk It Over

Privately discuss what went right and what could be improved upon in the coming year.

Reflect On Paper

Teachers and students should fill out an End Of Year Reflection Worksheet.

Award Completion and Recognize Strengthes

Have a celebration with your students and guests to present final grade cards, and awards of recognition for areas of strength. Check out our collection of 24 Printable Certificates of Achievement.

Present A Yearbook

It’s easy and fun to make your student a yearbook highlighting the best experiments, field trips, clubs, and sporting events they participated in. I have made T one through Shutterfly every year of our homeschool journey.

For Your Umbrella School or District

  • Submit Grades and Attendance.
  • Register for the next school year.
  • Collect curriculum requirements for the next year so you can prepare over the summer.

It’s Time To Party!

Whether it’s an ice cream party, a bbq, a bonfire, or all of the above, plan a celebration with your family! You’ve all worked hard!

Here are some more fun ways to Celebrate The Last Day of School!

Print and present your child with a Summer Activity Packet so they have plenty of ideas on how to make the most of their summer vacation!

Congratulations on another year of homeschooling! Hop on down to the comments sections and tell us all about your favorite last-day traditions and celebrations! We want to hear all about them!

Happy Summer!


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