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How To Create Solid House Rules For Your Family

Does your family have a set of established House Rules? If not, may I encourage you to consider setting and posting some? Having a good set of house rules can bring a lot of peace to your home and family. Household rules encourage a solid environment where everyone is on the same page. They create a family atmosphere where expectations and consequences are known and respected. So let’s talk about how to create house rules for your home and family.

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Which House Rules Should We Agree On?

Every family is different. I would encourage you to call a family meeting and get input from each member. Ask them what House and Family Rules they think would help create a healthier, happier home. Let everyone make a short list and give them uninterrupted time to share their suggested rules and the reasons they are presenting them.

Once you have a good list it’s time to narrow them down into a set of rules that everyone understands. Write them down and post them somewhere in the house. A refrigerator is always a good option. Everyone will be exposed to them there.

What Are Some Common House Rules

Again, every family has its own situation so your family household rules should reflect your unique circumstances and challenges. You may consider the following categories; behavior, safety, respect, manners, and daily expectations. Here are some examples of family rules.

No yelling.

No whining.

No fighting.

Be honest.

Keep your promises.

Say please and thank you.




Use your manners.

Be kind to one another.

Clean up after yourself.

Do chores without complaining.

Respect one another.

No interrupting. Wait your turn to speak.

Be home by curfew.

No phones at the dinner table.

Dinnertime is family time.

Bedtime is non-negotiable.

No jumping on beds.

Knock before entering.

What Happens If Someone Breaks A House Rule

In order to create Household Rules that actually create a better environment for your family, they have to be followed. When a rule is broken there must be consistency and expected consequences must be delivered. Following rules is an essential life skill. So follow through with consequences every time.

As with creating the house rules, a family discussion about consequences is the best place to start when deciding on how you are going to follow up when rules are broken. Consequences should be timely, realistic, appropriate, and non-negotiable. Consequences should be appropriate to the child’s age, needs, and abilities. And the consequence should be relevant to the rule that was broken. Each child should understand their own set of consequences clearly.

Some examples of commonly utilized consequences are:

  • Time out or quiet time.
  • Loss of priviledge such as screen time or an activity.
  • Loss of object.

Recognize and Positively Acknowledge When Rules Are Being Followed

As important as promptly and consistently acknowledging broken rules, is acknowledging rules that are being followed. Praise your children for following the rules. Be looking for opportunities to voice your approval and applaud their good behavior.

Are you ready to put together your family’s Household Rules? Let’s have a quick rundown on how to get it done.

  • Call a family meeting.
  • Discuss potential House Rules.
  • Decide on which House Rules your family will follow.
  • Discuss and decide on consequences for broken House Rules.
  • Write it all down and post your House Rules.
  • Be consistent in following up on broken house rules and acknowledging and praising those that are following them.
  • Enjoy a more peaceful home and family life.

Wishing you and your family all of the best,


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