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My Word Of The Year Is Creative

My Word Of The Year Is CREATIVE

How I am allowing my word to transform me.

So, it’s time for the big reveal! All of you who have followed me the last few years on Geez, Gwen are already aware that last years word, bold, led to massive and wonderful changes in all areas of my life. If you just found me, welcome! You can learn all about my experience with My One Word right here Just One Focus Word For The Year. This year, my word of the year is CREATIVE and I am crazy in love with it! Already, I am finding the most wonderful ways to express this magnificent word. And best and most exciting of all, I am really stepping out of my comfort zone and allowing this word to challenge me in ways I would never even have considered just weeks ago. Let me tell you all about it!

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Focus word of the year selections

How I Chose Creative As My Word of The Year

This year I did things a little different. I had learned something big by receiving my 2018 word of the year from T. (If you are new here you might want to jump over and read this real quick (My Word of The Year Is Bold )  Anyway, this year, instead of going it alone, I invited a few of my favorite people over and I designed this fun little workbook – Word Of The Year Workbook, and we went through the process together. In the end, I had my word and just like last year, I could feel it was the right one.


Creative Defined:


relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.
“change unleashes people’s creative energy”

a person who is creative, typically in a professional context.

Creative definition

HowTo Apply Your Word of The Year

The most important tip I can give you once you have chosen your word is to begin using it immediately. Take action. Look at everything through the lens of your word. For example, what is the most creative way to handle this task before me? How could I bring more creativity into this moment?

Ask yourself, where can I find my tribe? Seek out others who love and embody your word. To truly claim your word, and empower it to change your life for the better you have to act!

Take the classes, join the clubs, get the tools necessary, and dive! Because only then can you truly fly on the wings of the word you have chosen. Only then can true change happen. And after all, that is what this is all about. True, positive, transforming change.

How I Am Applying My Word of The Year

So, once I had my word, creative, and had fallen in love with it I immediately started to look for ways I could invite it into my life. Some silly and fun ways like serving heart-shaped pasta for supper.

Some powerfully moving ways like signing up for a Women’s Bible Journaling Group which I attended yesterday and loved. I also met some really wonderful people.

bible journaling

Then I made some technically sound moves like committing to creative writing classes and watercolor painting classes. My first one of those is in two weeks.

In other areas, I sought to apply it to the things I had worked on last year, such as photography. So I have begun more studies on composition than technical use of the camera and I joined a Photography Group full of highly creative people that really stretch their imaginations in their work.

Check out my first submission to that group, the topic was morning. I am trying to tell a story. The open road like the day stretched out before me. The sun blanketing the mountains like the bed I have just crawled from. Night falling away into the day. There it is. I’ve tried to tell you a story.

Morning In The Mountains
In My Word of The Year Workbook, one of my goals for next year was to learn to take a photo that can tell a whole story in a single shot. My family tells me I was born a storyteller. What I am discovering as I grow into this word is that you can tell a story in so many wondrous ways. Words, paint, clay, cloth, pastels, wood…  And I am so excited to get sharing them. Someone hand me the spray paint? lol

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” – Sylvia Plath

I have also set myself some goals so far outside my comfort zone I hate to include them here where I know you all will hold me accountable. But here goes. This fall, I am committing to offering my photography and some other art pieces at a local market and maybe a craft fair also. I have also emailed to find out where I can display my art as far as local galleries and competitions. I am going to put it out there. That is after all, what creatives do. And you know, word has it that I AM CREATIVE.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe

Let me also include that this is one of the reasons I have you write down the exact definition of your word in our workbook. Look here: a person who is creative, typically in a professional context. I could ignore that word, professional. But then I wouldn’t be embracing my word. I have been practicing at this photography thing for three years now. It’s time to step up.

“What is creative living? Any life that is driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear.”     – Elizabeth Gilbert

Do I think I’m ready? Most certainly not. Do I think I have a lot more to learn before I consider myself a professional? Absolutely. Am I terrified of rejection? Yup! But there is this one precious piece of wisdom I have finally absorbed. I pray you would draw this knowledge in too, and let it encourage you to act. You will never find the perfect time, the perfect conditions, the perfect moment, or the perfect piece. The time is now. This is your moment. If you are in, that means both feet. You must move. Standing still and waiting takes you nowhere. Dive so that you might fly. And do it now. Learn as you go. But go.


Finding Quotes And Scriptures That Include Your Word of The Year

Another thing I include in the workbook is the encouragement to gather at least four sayings or scriptures that include your word. I always write mine out on sticky notes and I have them in the visor of my car. In my wallet. Inside my medicine cabinet. On my mirror. On my fridge. You see what I am doing here. I am creating an environment that encourages me to be focused on my word. Putting these in highly visible places in effect surrounds me with my word and helps me stay the path.

Gilbert Quote on creative living

Here is a collection of my favorite Quotes and Sayings about being Creative.

Top Ten Quotes and Sayings About Being Creative

Have you chosen your word for the year? If not, visit this post and I’ll tell you all about how I go about it, what my previous words have been and how they have changed me and much more!

If you have chosen, TELL US! We want to know what it is and what you are hoping it may teach you or where you are hoping it may take you. Please share in the comments section below. We love to hear from you!

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