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I’m Grateful For All of The Places I’ve Called Home

November Thirty Day’s of Gratitude Challenge – Day Eight

Join Me For A Month of Being Thankful

Welcome to this year’s 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge. This year I am sharing my daily Gratitude Journal entries with you. T and are also filling our gratitude jar. And as we start Day Eight of Thirty Days of Thankful, I am finding it a lot easier to think of the things that make me feel grateful. Lately, I am seeing blessings everywhere.

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Thirty Days of Thankful Day Eight

For Day Eight of My Thirty Days of Gratitude Challenge,  I am calling out Home.

Home Sweet Home. As I have grown I have called many different houses homes. I had loved some of those houses and hated some of those houses. But regardless of my love or hate for the four walls which created the house, I always have loved the home I found behind the door. Because home isn’t strictly a place, is it?

Home is the people you ache to return to.

It’s your safe haven, your landing zone, your security. 

It’s where your fur babies await your return.

The place where you keep your favorite sweater and your fluffiest socks.

A home contains not simple windows and doors, but favorite books and your special mug.

Your home is your resting place.

Inside your plants are reaching for window panes, and beautiful stems are tucked into colorful vases.

Pictures of your favorite moments ever are dancing across the walls.

Your favorite foods await your preparation and recipes for all of the best dishes stand ready.

Home is a place where you are free to be you.

Even if it means dancing through the kitchen in your bathrobe.

Or singing loudly into the handle of your broom.

You can be completely you inside your home, no need for anything more or less.

Your home is a place that is simply your space and it welcomes you.

Even when you go on amazing vacations, you miss your home.

Because it is so much more than a place.

It is a feeling that whispers comfort.

You have created that place behind the front door. 

Your nest. 

Your safe haven, your landing zone, your security.

Home sweet home.

I am grateful for my home.

Aren’t you?

Quote about home from Laura Ingalls Wilder

Recently we decided it was getting time to find a new home. We have outgrown our starter home having been here ten years now and as I have taken part in online tour after online tour of other homes, I have been able to fall in love with a lot of them. Some made mine look far less cute.

But none of them will ever compare to this chalet on the hill that we call home now, because we have raised T here. We have had so many Christmas celebrations and birthday parties, and special moments within these four walls. No other could ever compare to that particular shade of beautiful.

I have learned to accept this truth – none of those things I love about this particular home have anything to do with the walls that contain it. It is the people who occupy it that make it a lovely home. The moments that we have shared here are where the true treasures lie.

If you ever start feeling like your home isn’t as nice as the Jones’, remind yourself of this fact, your home is what you make of it. The look is irrelevant. The modern conveniences and perfectly manicured lawns have nothing on a home that knows life well lived. Focus on that instead of the paint. The quality of the life you build inside is what makes yours the best home ever.

Be blessed,


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