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November Thirty Day’s of Gratitude – Day Four

Couples Date Nights

November Thirty Day’s of Gratitude – Day Four

Join Me For A Month of Being Thankful

So far, this Thirty Days of Gratitude Challenge has been a wonderful experience for me. It’s nice to spend some time focusing on the things that really matter. And it has actually awakened me to how much time I waste worrying about things that never come to pass. I’m catching myself more often and switching gears. From frustration to gratitude. From fear to love. From worry to peace.

I am suddenly very aware of the countless blessings constantly surrounding me. I hope you are joining me on this journey and that you too are already feeling the wonderful differences in your every day as a result of this challenge. If you haven’t joined me yet, it’s not too late!

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Day Four Gratitude Challenge

For Day Four of my Thirty Days of Gratitude, I am focusing on Date Nights With My Husband.

So at the beginning of this year, we decided to add a focus on fun to our marriage by taking turns planning one date night a month. We have had so much fun with this! We have been roller skating, attended a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, been to the shooting range, taken classes together, went to an escape room, seen a lot of movies, spent the day in Asheville, double-dated with friends we hadn’t seen in too long, bought each other outfits, ate amazing food, went bowling,visited winery’s and mirror mazes, and so much more.

Last Night’s Great Date Night

Last night we went to a new Blues themed restaurant and had some amazing BBQ in Bristol which is one of my favorite places to visit. And then, Mr. Wonderful took me to see the Downton Abbey movie. There is no greater proof of his love for me than that. He hasn’t made it through a single episode here at home without falling asleep but at date night he stayed awake through the whole thing. And the theater has recliners so the odds were really stacked against him. But he stayed awake and he laughed with me, and when some especially upsetting news arrived on screen, he held my hand and checked to see if I was crying.

I tried to get him to switch up his game plan because I knew he would NEVER go see that movie if it wasn’t for me. I even tried to convince him of how much I wanted to see the new Terminator. But his response,

“I’ve been waiting forever to see this Downton Abbey movie,” and he winked at me.

When we left the theater it was freezing outside and he took his jacket off and draped it over my shoulders. I told you, he really is Mr. Wonderful. He always turns on the seat heater for me too. Every time he starts the car in the cold. Seriously. Hang on. I have to go give him a kiss.

Skate Night Date Night

My Favorite Great Date Night This Year

When we went rollerskating we laughed harder than we ever have. First, we enter the little enclosure to buy admittance and we were the only adults in there. The rest of the kids were all teens and tweens and they were giving us the look. Wondering if we were lost.

When we finally entered the rink area, we went in pretty confident that we could both still skate and show these kids who belonged on that floor. Even though decades had passed since our last attempt. It’s like riding a bike, right?

After all, my very first job was as a skate guard at Roller World in Topsham Maine. And Mr. Wonderful had once had crazy skill on those rollerblades he had when he was twelve. So, no problem. We were going to show them how it was done.

We barely let go of the bar, you guys. We couldn’t. It was either clinging to the bar for dear life with our legs flying out from under us like newborn giraffes or go down hard on our tails! There was no in-between. I think we chose wisely. Those kids found us amusing, while they showed us how it was done.

But we laughed and we laughed and we went around and around, just like that disco ball hanging from the ceiling in there. No exaggeration, my stomach was sore the next day. I tore stomach muscles laughing and my hamstrings moaned and groaned all week too. But it was my very favorite of all of the date nights. I can hardly wait to go ice skating.

Laughing Couple

What was your best date night ever? I would love to hear about it. Please share in the comments section below. I love to hear from you! And if you haven’t had a great date night recently, you know what to do!

Be blessed,


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