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Nature Poetry Unit Study


Nature Poetry Unit Study


Nature Poetry Unit Study

Printable Packet for Nature Unit Study

This Poetry Unit Study walks students through a discovery of poetry all about nature. Learners will read moving poetry by famous poets and write beautiful poetry of their own. They will be introduced to multiple forms of poetry, vocabulary, figures of speech, and other useful tools to help them deliver work they can feel good about. Multiple worksheets and activities are included as well as quote cards perfect for displaying throughout their space.

Recommend age range 12-18 – 39 Colored Pages

My Nature Poetry Unit Study

This nature poetry unit study includes the following:

  • What is poetry?
  • Famous Nature Poems and Poets
  • 12 Beautiful Nature¬† Quote Cards
  • Types of Poems and Related Vocabulary
  • Vocabulary Match Worksheet
  • Reading Comprehension and Observation Class Activity
  • What Did You Say Comprehension Worksheet
  • Read More Poetry Review Worksheet
  • Similies, Metaphors, & Personification Worksheet
  • Imagery and Symbolism Worksheet
  • Draw Deeply Poem & Identification Worksheet
  • Rhyming Worksheet
  • Synonym Worksheet
  • Ekphrastic Poem Worksheet
  • My Ekphrastic Poem
  • The Queen & Her Honeycomb Castle Poem
  • Let’s Write A Lyrical Poem Worksheet
  • My Lyrical Poem
  • The River Raced The Sun
  • Let’s Write A Personification Poem
  • My Personification Poem
  • Acrostic Poem
  • Haiku Worksheet
  • Free-Verse Observation Worksheets
  • Against
  • My Free-Verse Observation Poem
  • That’s A Wrap Unit Study Review
  • Resources Page
  • Teacher Answer Key

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