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12-Month Student Planner


12-Month Inspirational Student Planner for Tweens and Teens


12-Month Inspirational Student Planner for Tweens and Teens

This beautiful planner is designed with soothing watercolor nature scenes and loaded with everything your middle or high school student needs to organize their studies plus a whole lot more.

This 77 Page Planner Includes The Following:

  • 12 Month-At-Glance Calendar Pages

    • Each month-at-a-glance calendar page includes blocks for each day of the month. These are unnumbered so that this planner can be printed and used yearly.
    • Each Month contains a beautiful and inspiring quote. For example, the August page includes, “There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.” – Celia Thaxter.
    • There are also separate sections for students to list important birthdays and special events as well as record their priorities for the month.
  • Goal Planning

    • The Goal Planning Page includes seven separate sections designed to inspire and encourage your student to live their best life.
      • SELF LOVE: A space to list three things they can do for themselves that month.
      • PERSONAL GOAL: One goal they want to set in order to improve the quality of their life.
      • GRATITUDE: Students list three people they are grateful for and two simple ways they can show them that they care.
      • SELF-CARE: Students come up with three things that make them happy so they can focus on those things each month.
      • CREATIVITY: Creativity and expression are so important for mental health. This planner includes space for students to brainstorm four ways they can get creative each month.
      • KINDNESS: Students are asked to come up with three ways that they can show kindness to their friends, family, and/or community every month.
      • AFFIRMATION: Each month includes an important affirmation for them to speak to themselves to build self-confidence and self-esteem. For example, August’s affirmation is I love the person I am becoming.
    • Homework Tracker

      • The Homework Tracker is all about organization. It is proven that well-organized students are more successful with their studies. This page is designed to help students keep track of their assignments.
      • This Homework Tracker includes sections to record the name of the assignment, the time spent on the assignment, the due date, and a checkmark to show completion.
      • STUDY TIPS: Each month also includes a study tip designed to help students learn important study skills plus tips and tricks to boost their production and memory skills.
    • Study Planner

      • One of the most important skills you can teach your students is to create and stick to a study plan. Countless studies have proven the importance of scheduled, consistent, and reinforced study time. That’s the mission of the study planner. I recommend handing out an extra copy of this page with every project you assign.
      • The Study Planner includes a weekly schedule section, a space to list the assignment with details, a reading list section, and a notes section.
    • Weekly Schedules

    • This page provides spaces for five weeks with blocks for Monday through Friday.
    • This is a perfect place to list sports, and activities, as well as an overview of assignments, quizzes, and test dates.
    • Includes a notes section.
  • To-Do List

    • This simple To-Do List is a great place for a brain dump. Often getting our to-do’s onto paper is the very best way to clear our minds so we can concentrate on the task directly before us.
  • Extras

    • Planner Cover is included.
    • This planner belongs to: page is also included.
    • A single page is included for students to record their weekly schedule, sports/clubs/activities, and chores.

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Inspirational Student Planner for Organized Kids

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