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Shark Week Party Planning

Duh Dah – Duh Dah – Duh Dah…

Shark Week is treated like a major holiday in our house. We have been celebrating it ever since T was just two years old. He is fascinated with sharks and his knowledge could rival most Marine Biologists. It began with us inviting just a few friends and family to watch some of the highlights. Over the years it has grown into a full-scale event including food, games, friends, family, and even more anticipation. We thought we would share some of the ways we celebrate Discovery’s Shark Week.

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What To Watch During Shark Week

Get Inspired By Starting Here with Discovery!

The world’s biggest shark, the whale shark, can grow as long as 40 feet.

What To Eat While Watching Shark Week

Food is a big part of the fun! I always make Shark cupcakes and I am including this recipe below because the strawberry inside makes for a fun surprise.

Sharky Sweets

Shark Attack Cupcakes

I made these Shark Attack Cupcakes from delish! They are usually stuffed with strawberry jam but I’ve used raspberry too and I think I prefer it. I also sprinkle the tops with Sugar Art Diamond Dust. They come out adorable and taste awesome!

Shark Themed Cookies

Cookies are also fun; depending on your skill level you can go simple or simply amazing. I wish I could manage the ones below.  But I can’t.

So, these premade Shark cookie kits from Baketinicookiegifts are the perfect solution for me.

Greenland sharks, which live in cold polar waters, hold the record as the oldest known vertebrate animals on the planet.

What To Drink During Shark Week

For The Kids – Sonic’s Ocean Water Copycat Recipe from Meet The Presleys

Adults Only – Shark Cocktail – The Shark Bite by Blackstone Griddle

Blue Gatorade and Gummy Sharks do the trick too!

Shark Punch for The Kids

Mix up some Arctic Shark Punch and throw in some of these Glaciers from Hostess with the Mostest.

Shark Party Decorations

Obviously, it’s fun to grab the Beware of Sharks signs! But you can add fun giant shark balloons, treat bags, and adorable cups everyone can take home to remember what a big splash the party was!

Shark anatomy has inspired smart design such as watercraft, cars and water turbines.

Dress The Part – Shark Garb

Why not dress the part in fun vintage Shark Week tee’s and even offer Fido an extra cool bandana for the party?

Shark Fun For Kids

Shark Craft Idea

  • Here is a fun idea to keep your kids busy while pulling it together. Shark Jaw Paper Plates. Dollar Store Crafts will show you how.

Shark Resources

  • Grab some free Shark Work Sheets from like this one…

When sharks are turned upside down, they go into a natural suspended state called tonic immobility.

Educational Shark Books

In our homeschool, we always kept a lot of shark books on hand to get us excited and knowledgeable before shark week began. Here is a list of our favorites!

Ocean Workbook for Kids

Looking for something for your budding Marine Biologist?

This beautiful workbook takes students on a journey through the ocean where they will learn all about the sea creatures that call the ocean home. There are writing exercises, research exercises, a crossword puzzle to be sure they retained what they learned, and more.

Now, get excited by checking out the program rundown and figure out which ones you want to play while guests and food are there. I hope you have a ball!

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Shark Party Planning Guide

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